Joe Ballweg (Designer) received his BFA in fine arts with a minor in art history from the University of Washington in 1998, and went on to study at Boston University where in 2001 he received his MFA in fine arts.

Joe was introduced to lighting at Boston University Art Gallery where he installed and lit a variety of exhibitions. After relocating to New York City, he worked at Cheim & Read as a preparator where he continued gaining experience lighting challenging and large scale exhibitions.

In 2006, Joe pursued his interest in lighting and began working for AJLD and Linnaea Tillett Lighting Design as an assistant for residential and museum lighting installations including Goya's Last Works at the Frick Collection and Paris New York at the Museum of the City of New York.

His role at AJLD broadened in 2008 as he performed lighing analyses and layouts for current projects.

Joe enjoys biking and ranting about corporate control of the media and government.